ARTICLE | The first meeting of the Rural Digitalisation Forum

The EU Rural Digitalisation Forum (RDF), set-up by the DESIRA (Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas) project, held its first meeting online on 10 September 2020. The RDF is a platform that brings together a wide range of stakeholders working on the digitalisation of rural areas. It aims to [...]

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News | The Conceptual and Analytical framework

The Conceptual and Analytical Framework (CAF) of DESIRA elaborates on the theoretical underpinning of the project, which helps to shape all the activities implemented, namely: • digital transformation; • the Socio-Cyber-Physical system; • digital game changers; the socio-economic impact The report sets out a line of reasoning and [...]

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News | Mapping digital technologies in DESIRA

Through an online questionnaire answered by the project consortium, DESIRA has identified and described more than 600 digital tools with different functions, which have been clustered in different groups according to the domain in which they can be used (agriculture, forestry, and rural areas). Then, they were further [...]

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NEWS | Smart Villages and Rural Digital Transformation

Source: ENRD, 2020 Smart Villages and Rural Digital Transformation is the latest Briefing developed by the European Network for Rural Development to assist Managing Authorities and rural stakeholders in designing and implementing Smart Villages initiatives in key domains. The focus of this document is on promoting digital transformation [...]

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News | First meeting of the Rural Digitalisation Forum

The Rural Digitalisation Forum set-up by DESIRA held the first meeting online on 10 September 2020. The event gathered around 60 attendees from different backgrounds (research, public authorities, SMEs, stakeholders’ organisations, members of National Rural Networks…) from 22 EU Member States (including one from Georgia). Participants from different [...]

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